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About Us


In 1982, it seemed to many people at Holy Trinity Church, Aylesbury, that God was leading us to branch out as a new expression of "church" in Broughton. To us, "church" is a means of expressing God's love to the world in practical ways; through friendship, family-like relationship, dependability and support. It originated as a desire to reach out to and support the local community, to understand the community's needs and to try to meet them in whatever way we could. These are core values that we still strive for.


The first ever Broughton Church gathering was held on Easter Day in 1989 in Oakfield Scout Hall. As our congregation grew, we moved to Broughton Infant School, then to Broughton Junior School, and then on to Circus Field Canal Basin. In August 2023, as the beginning of a new season, our Broughton Church congregation was joined by our Kingsbrook Church congregation, and we now all meet together weekly at Kingsbrook View Primary Academy. 

Our history is a transient one (which has presented challenges along the way), but we are blessed as a church to have served numerous pockets around the Broughton area. Moving into the heart of the Kingsbrook development is an exciting opportunity to get to know and love our new neighbours as we live life alongside one another.


With the recent retirement of our vicar, we are currently in an interregnum, awaiting the appointment of a new church leader.

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